A Little bit
About Pierian

We blend data, design and technology to create high value marketing and commerce solutions.

Pierian’s foundation lies in the aspiration to enable exceptional achievements.

Originally, a group of martech specialists introduced personalisation to a global business, but this ignited a passion to accomplish even greater feats. Presently, Pierian’s purpose is to assist budding enterprises in transforming their martech aspirations into reality by harnessing a number of expert professionals.

Our team’s insatiable love for data and technology motivates us to continually explore its potential. We relish experimenting with new tools and platforms to discover what technology can achieve. By sharing these insights with our remarkable clients worldwide, we enable them to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Pierian At
Its Core

Transparent – Persistent – Thoughtful
Our teams deliver expertise based consulting, demystify technology and are taught to go the extra mile.

We believe passionately in solving for now, next and future. We work as a catalyst for change in digital marketing and commerce – unafraid of scale or complexity of your challenge, of human silos or of data and technology. We confidently strive to help you strategise, experiment, demo, operate and build everything from analytics to complex content – commerce and data platforms.

Reliability and Respect

Mutual support and respect are integral to our culture, as we endeavour to foster a positive working environment for both team members and clients.

This mindset extends to our work, as we take pride in providing reliable and trustworthy services. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can depend on us to deliver on our promises and exceed your expectations.

Thought Leaders

We are driven by knowledge and constantly seek to expand our horizons by challenging ourselves to step beyond our comfort zone.

We relish the opportunity to learn and grow, as there is always more to discover in our dynamic field. This pursuit of knowledge is at the heart of our passion for what we do.


We prioritise an open and honest approach to communication, fostering a culture of mutual trust and transparency that allows us to acknowledge areas for improvement and work collaboratively towards our shared goals.

The Pierian Story

2 life hacks and a take-off Great start-ups most often result from the kernel of an idea wrapped inside the hardshell of purposeful execution.


Back in 2015 we set-out to run three experiments a) make elephants dance – offer a fast-paced execution focussed marketing services model to FTSE 100 clients b) build, fail-fast, learn – find a way to work across the marketing food-chain from brand, performance, commerce, web, mobile, retail et all c) growth for impact for our clients and team members, not a ££ exit

2015 - 2016

2015 – 2016 Milestone 1 – Start-up, Make an Elephant Dance Given a serendipitous break by the head of eCommerce for a leading global telco and collaborating with Adobe and Teavaro to deliver an industry-first cookie-less marketing identity solution in Germany allowed us to validate our boutique expertise-led consulting offering. We continue to marry digital marketing strategy, data, tech and UX, run hard with small teams, making elephants (our clients) dance has become our true USP

2017 - 2019

2017 – 2019 Milestone 2 – ‘Make’, Launch, Fail, Repeat Today we loudly ask our clients to experiment, take risks, run pilots, embrace fail-fast, learn and aim for the NEXT everyday. None of them would believe us. Unless! We showed we would do it ourselves. So we bootstrapped, put scarce personal funds and tonnes of sweat-equity to build our ideas – from mFinity – a Customer Data Platform for eComm to Ignius – an IoT wearable for women’s safety. We took our products to real users as well as marketing clients, we made plenty of go-to-market errors, we took a few blows and faced healthy skepticism around our hybrid consulting – SaaS platform business model and ultimately we moved on to other ideas – fail-fast in action and plenty of confidence across the team

2020 - Today

2020 – today Milestone 3 – Survive, Shrink, Pivot, Scale-Up What a shape-shifting phase, wrenched from our dynamic high energy war-room ethos to zoom-zombies looking at insipid screens we slowed down a few notches, took our covid shots, ran a month long fund raiser to help global medical charities (we collected nearly 180K, sent relied to India), ran Strava half-marathon relays (what fun!), were put on ‘pause’ and pivoted to re-emerge stronger. No longer a ‘start-up’, at Pierian we deliver projects in 7 markets across telco, fintech, CPG, entertainment.

We hired Pierian on a global 20-market Digital Personalisation and Digital Marketing acceleration programme across owned and paid media. Working closely with our digital channel leads, Mar-Tech providers and agency partners, the Pierian team helped deliver showcase projects across eCommerce and digital Advertising. Great bunch!

Ali Homes

eCommerce Director at Pepsico

The Pierian FOlk

A team with more than 100 years of combined experience, fired up by shared values, vision and mission.