What Pierian
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We help organisations transform their digital ecosystem and deliver operational services across a wide variety of technology and marketing practices. From Digital Analytics through to strategy Martech transformation programmes, we know how to drive value within businesses across all digital channels.

Don’t know what strategic programmes your organisation needs to run, or still at the audit stage?

Not a problem, our team can help you develop your strategy or run digital audits to evaluate maturity across your business.

All ready have your strategy or technology in place and are looking to drive value from it?

We can support you with delivery supported by our team of specialists. Building your team, bringing in expertise, or outsourcing, we can support.

Need a team that can get into the weeds and really understands your data?

Our team of data experts can do the analysing so that you don’t have to. 

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Matt Buttery
Digital Marketing Director

Services Overview

To simplify we have rolled our various services up into four key areas: 


Many of the companies we work with want a unique mix of services and ways of working. Our flexible services where multiple services can be rolled into a single programme, ensure businesses can achieve exactly what they need without added complexity, through a truly tailored service.

Digital Analytics & Optimisation

Delivery & Reporting

There are a number of aspects to Analytics Reporting and Optimisation that Pierian can support with. Our team can help deliver across your organisation in a variety of ways:

  • Implementing analytics tagging and data layer requirements in tools such as Google Tag Manager, Tealium and Adobe.
  • Building dashboards and producing reports in analytics tools like Google and Adobe analytics.
  • Running Conversion Rate Optimisation tracks to drive web performance in optimisation tools (Target, Optimizely, Google Optimise etc).

Centre of Excellence

Where organisations are working to transform their digital operations Pierian can help create a Centre of Excellence (CoE) where strategy, expertise, proof of value and internal communications can be formulated to drive change.

Pierian can work with your teams in the best way possible, bringing our experience of transformation and CoE teams across other organisations.


Restructuring can be a difficult process but, one that many organisations do to achieve new efficiencies and improved ways of working. Finding the right restructure can be complex, particularly when dealing with the consequences of businesses in flux or transformation.

As part of Pierian’s work in helping organisations transform (along with the unique expertise of our team) we have worked to ensure the right restructure is achieved. This ‘right first time’ approach helps to remove friction of restructuring, and ultimately builds momentum for new teams early on.

Programmatic martech & Personalisation


When it comes to Programmatic Martech & Personlisation, creating a strong strategy that unlocks the power of platforms and data sets is fundamental to success. Due to both the complexity and time required to implement, the strategy is key to ensuring stakeholder buy-in and long-term programme success.

We can work with you to help make fundamental decisions, and build the underlying positive business case (through much of the expertise and research that Pierian has at its disposal). This can be extended all the way through to delivery roadmaps and headcount planning.


Utilisation of Martech and Personalisation tools is a challenge that we have seen frequently across numerous organisations. New technology and capability are acquired but, the business cases and ROI that justify the tools are not realised. 

We work to ensure you get the most value out of the tools that you have, and support the upskilling and education of the organisation in the process. What makes this process so powerful is our experience with delivery, and our commitment to making your tools successful.


For organisations that already have all their pieces in place, but may be struggling with hiring the right team, gaps in knowledge, headcount limitations or high cadence times of the year / campaigns. Our team of experienced professionals can help answer your needs.

Due to our expertise foundation, we can ramp up delivery extremely quickly, helping teams deliver on aggressive targets virtually immediately.

Consumer Data Platforms


Consumer Data Platforms have been a hot topic for a while now, you cant go through many modern day Martech strategies without seeing the term.

As organisations still navigate the through the questions of ‘is a CDP right for my needs?’ and ‘what is the right CDP choice?’ an RFP is a common requirement. We have worked with multiple organisations helping them develop selection criteria based on key capabilities, interviewing potential vendors and negotiating contract terms.


When it comes to consumer data platforms every organisation is unique. There are similarities within certain verticals, but the state of data, maturity of marketing functions and objectives of the organisation are different. 

At Pierian we understand this, our team know how to build a Consumer Data Strategy that makes brings commercial value and is tailored to a clients particular scenario. We have worked to help organisations refine their Data Strategy and even fill in key gaps when attending to common issues such as a lack of 1st Party Data.


For companies that have a CDP already in place, the challenge that follows is delivering expertise on continued business goals, and with growing popularity, scaling with business demand.

Our team of CDP specialists can support your internal teams in whatever capacity you require. Building audiences, completing technical implementation and defining use cases. We work with both mature and nascent CDP teams to deliver value on a weekly basis.

Technology Programmes

Architecture Design

Whether an organisation is looking to augment their current technical stack with additional functionality, or transitioning from one system into another, our team of technical specialists have designed modern architectures across on-premise and cloud systems to suit various needs. 

The Architectural service can be a programme tailored to validate the exact desired architecture, fitting into an existing ecosystem. 

Depending on requirements our team can run interviews and workshops to best understand the existing state of play and build a new technical architecture and low level design according to business needs.

Strategic MVP / PoCs

A common approach to introduce new technology platforms or validate the business case behind a tool is to conduct and Minimum Viable Product or Proof of Concept. A programme such as this provides the opportunity for an enterprise to assess the complexity and ROI of a new tool or software.

At Pierian we specialise in delivering fast paced strategic technology programmes in complex organisations, enabling the ‘Time to Value’ to be drastically reduced. We have conducted these programmes across a wide variety of technology, for completely custom cloud analytics systems incorporating Ai, to production CMS and CDP integrations. Whatever your technical requirement, our technical specialists can put a delivery programme together for you.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

An inevitable part of all organisations is Content Management Systems. As CMS’s underpin so much of modern digital operations it is inevitable that Pierian has delivered a variety of programmes, with requirements varying from ‘Big Data’ through to ‘Omni-Channel Content’.

As with many of Pierian’s other programmes, and depending on your requirements, often these services kick off with discovery workshops to better understand requirements. When it comes to a CMS, this is key to ensure the right CMS is selected, and how it needs to be integrated into an organisation. 

Pierian’s CMS service can include the full journey to maturity including; Digital Audit, Requirements Assessment, Business Value & Stakeholder Buy In, and Technical Integration. 

Depending on your organisation’s needs, Pierian can tailor a programme to suit.

Martech Integration

As new capabilities, platforms and restrictions (such as 3rd party cookie demise) emerge, martech stacks are often extended with new capabilities and/or integrations

It is not uncommon for this to be carried out by a completely new team (as integration specialists from the last implementation have moved on). At Pierian we have expertise in assessing platforms for compatibility, designing migration / integration systems and processes, and utilising our experience to help organisations transition to a new state of marketing.

Our programmes can include onboarding new technology and new teams. Where we add particular value is bringing technical knowledge, and implementation experience to ensure your organisation efficiently adopts new capability.

Native Application Integration

The world of martech is often dominated by web experiences but, much of this capability exists within the world of Native Applications (IOS & Android). 

Pierian can help bring all of the operational expertise of web into an organisation’s native application. We offer tailored programmes to bring analytics, personalisation and optimisation into a native environment to help drive key business metrics. 

As with many of our other programmes, this service can be tailored to the exact needs of the organisation.

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