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We have a huge breadth of knowledge and experience across a wide number of sectors and principles.

Digital Analytics & Optimisation

We have executed digital analytics across all the leading platforms from Adobe Analytics and Tagging through to custom Data Studio Dashboards. 

When it comes to optimisation we have delivered programmes on some of the biggest web channels in the world through Optimizely, Adobe Target, and other CRO tools.

Programmatic Martech & Personalisation

Introducing new capability and achieving efficiency across modern complex Martech stacks can be challenging. 

At Pierian we have helped companies transform their digital ecosystem to access new audiences, new channels and new data, whilst enabling personalisation and attribution.

Consumer Data Platforms (CDP)

There are many questions that we have helped companies answer with respect to CDPs; is a CDP right for our strategy?, Which CDP vendor is right?, What use cases do we need to make our CDP successful?, How do we transform our organisation to use a CDP?

We have helped organisations answer all these as part of global programmes.

Technical Programme Delivery

We know that the interaction point between technology and marketing can get complicated, especially with the introduction of new components.

Our team have experience with conducting digital audits, building agile technology roadmaps, and running operation delivery across big and small organisations.

We hired Pierian on a global 20-market Digital Personalisation and Digital Marketing acceleration programme across owned and paid media. Working closely with our digital channel leads, Mar-Tech providers and agency partners, the Pierian team helped deliver showcase projects across eCommerce and digital Advertising. Great bunch!

Ali Homes

eCommerce Director at Pepsico

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Matt Buttery
Digital Marketing Director

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